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Rules 2020
Rules for all divisions.
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1.       Two 18 minute halves with running clock. Clock will stop on whistle last 1 minute of first half and last 2 minutes of second half.


2.      Each team provides their own warm-up balls.  Game balls will be provided.
     (“Girls size” 28.5 will be used in all divisions).


3.       4 minute half time.


4.       Teams must be ready to play 10 minutes before scheduled game time.  Please check score sheet for accuracy at that time.


5.       Timeouts will be one-minute.  PLEASE DON’T ABUSE THIS RULE.  Two timeouts per half with no carry over.  In case of overtime, each team receives one timeout per overtime.


6.       3-minute overtime running clock except last minute. In the case of a second overtime, first team to score a point wins.


7.       Teams may play any half-court defense.


8.       Bonus in effect on 7th, 8th, & 9th team foul.  Two free throws thereafter for common fouls, other than player control.


9.       Full-court press:
    - 4th & 5th teams may press only in the last minute of the 2nd half, and only if behind, or during overtime if behind.
    - 6th, 7th & 8th teams may press anytime, but only to a 10 point lead.


10.   3 point rules in effect- all divisions.


11.   Lane violation:  4th & 5th- 5 seconds.          6th, 7th & 8th – 3 seconds


12.   Substitutes must report to scorer’s table to enter game, and then wait for game officials to signal entrance.


13.   Coaches, players, and fans must stay OFF the playing court unless they are a part of the team playing on the court at that time.  Stage areas, hallways, and behind the scorer’s table are not warm-up areas.


14.   Coaches are encouraged to play all team members, but there is no playing time rule.


15.   Overly abusive behavior on the part of coaches and/or fans toward officials, coaches, or players of opposing teams absolutely will not be tolerated.  If, in the opinion of tournament officials, such behavior is happening those involved will be asked to stop such behavior.  If they do not, they will be asked to leave the premises.




North Bend Central High School
Tiger Arena & Old Gym
1320 Walnut St
North Bend, NE 68649


North Bend Central Elementary School

Elementary Gym

420 East 11th Street

North Bend, NE 68649


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